🗿 Binance Cuts ⅓ Staff

Binance US CEO Departs as Crypto Platform Cuts Third of Staff

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GM. Binance continues its internal demise as tech giant Google announces plans to unveil its fully-functional AGI platform Gemini.

You know, this AI stuff will probably kill us all but at least we’ll 25x our savings with some infinity growth stocks on the way there. Buy that second house on the lake and make our children feel extra warm and safe. Help them feel a little less miserable as they battle digital anxiety and frivolous, fleeting relationships.

Just kidding. I love AI. I’ll go touch grass now.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

Today’s Specials:

No FOMO 🗿 : Google Releasing OpenAI Competitor 📇

Weekend Alpha - What to Watch 👀 : It’s Bitcoin vs. Ripple For Institutions 👨‍❤️‍👨

No FOMO News 📰 : Binance Cuts Third of Staff 🔥

AI Intel 🤖 : EY launched EY.ai With $1.4B 🦾

You Raised?💰 - Gaming Edition : Big Money in Web3 Gaming 💵

Google Nears Release of OpenAI Competitor 👀

Google has unveiled plans to launch its AI platform Gemini in the near future – a powerful tool made by the world’s largest search engine. Gemini will help users craft catchy emails, generate music lyrics, write news articles, and more.

After a messy launch, Google’s chatbot Bard has been generally well received, and with this new release, Google will become a fully capable AI ecosystem that rivals Microsoft’s OpenAI.

Gemini will be offered to customers through its Google Cloud Vertex AI service.

Weekend Alpha – What to Watch 🕵️

TLDR; The US is not a good place for crypto. Bitcoin and Ripple continue their push for institutional adoption.

FLOWS: Crypto market outflows reached $55B in August as liquidity dwindled. FTX gets court approval to sell billions in crypto assets.

REGULATIONS: SEC Chair Gensler calls out crypto’s ‘wide-ranging noncompliance’ in Senate hearing. US ‘the only country’ crypto startups should avoid, says Ripple CEO.

ASSETS: BlackRock rumored to shift crypto focus from Bitcoin to XRP. Elon Musk said Tesla would resume bitcoin payments now that it has crossed this threshold.

No FOMO News 📰

  • Binance US CEO Departs as Crypto Platform Cuts Third of Staff (Bloomberg)

  • Deutsche Bank to hold crypto for institutional clients (Reuters)

  • Genesis announces winding down of crypto trading services (Cointelegraph)

  • Co-founder of $4 billion crypto fraud scheme gets 20 years in prison, ‘Cryptoqueen’ partner remains at large (CNBC)

AI Intel 🤖

  • Salesforce to hire 3,300 staffers as it eyes generative AI opportunity (CIO)

  • Amazon rolls out generative AI tool to help sellers write product listings (CNBC)

  • AI and Imagination: Chatbots Rival Humans in Creative Thinking (Neuroscience)

  • EY announces launch of artificial intelligence platform EY.ai following US$1.4b investment (EY)

  • AI startup Helsing raises $223 million in Series B funding for defense solutions (Cointelegraph)

  • Spain leads way with task force as governments rush to regulate AI (Fox)

  • Paging Agent Mulder: NASA to use AI to study UFOs (NBC)

  • US Homeland Security Department reveals new AI guardrails as it deploys technology across agency (Reuters)

You Raised?💰 : Gaming Edition

Our web3 gaming funding update, brought to you by Max Kaufman and Helika

Story Protocol raises $54M led by Andreessen Horowitz to support Web3 IP creation

Animoca Brands' Mocaverse raises $20M led by CMCC Global to grow Web3 metaverse, NFT and gaming community

Seedify raised $10 million led by LDA Capital to accelerate Web3 product launches

⚡ GamePhilos raises $8M led by Xterio to build Age of Dino with Web3 integrations

GAM3S.GG raises $2M led by Mechanism Capital to grow Web3 gaming platform

Sony announces new blockchain development

Pixels announces move from Polygon Labs to Sky Mavis' Ronin Network

Planetarium unveils two Web3 RPGs at Korea Blockchain Week

Things We Actually Don’t Hate? 🤔

In a surprised turn of events, we found a headline that doesn’t make us hate humanity.

Retired doctor, 69, who was busted with guns, drugs and prostitutes on his yacht in Nantucket has terminal cancer 'and is living out his last days partying'

This absolute champion is just trying to have 1 more good time before he goes. Hurting no one. Shame on the police for bringing this guy in, glad to see he’s smiling in this picture and pleading not guilty. Only thing he’s guilty of is winning.

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