🗿 Trade ETH For Ferrari 🤝

Ferrari is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment...

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GM. Woke up today feelin like a Cointelegraph intern. You know, the one who tweeted that a Bitcoin ETF was approved. The one who totally disrupted the crypto market in minutes.

Does anyone even fact check Tweets anymore or do we just monkey hand trades when we see words that reconfirm our bias?

CT Intern = BDE 🍆

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

Today’s Specials:

No FOMO News 📰 : No signs of BlackRock Bitcoin ETF, yet 🙃

No FOMO 🗿 : You can buy a Ferarri with crypto 🚗

AI Intel 🤖 : First Supernova Detected By AI ✨

No FOMO 🗿 : Wen Bitcoin ETF??? 🔒

No Fomo Alpha 😤 : VIP Private Memecoin Sale 👀

No FOMO News 📰

  • Bitcoin gives up gains after BlackRock denies ETF approval report (Reuters)

  • EU securities watchdog warns investors over crypto market protections (Reuters)

  • California enacts comprehensive crypto regulation bill (Kitco)

  • Crypto giant Binance's US affiliate halts direct dollar withdrawals (Reuters)

  • Another crypto firm bids for the wealth management market (Blockworks)

  • Basel proposes crypto disclosures by banks from January 2025 (Reuters)

  • EU Formally Agrees on New Crypto Tax Data Sharing Rules (CoinDesk)

  • Banks Must Disclose Crypto Exposures, Global Regulator Says (CoinDesk)

Ferrari Accepts Crypto

Ferrari is expanding its clientele and product line, in an effort to reach new markets and remain competitive. Their strategy? Accepting crypto.

Ferrari x Crypto, key highlights:

  • Ferrari (notoriously difficult to buy) is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment

  • Ferrari is hosting a Gala in New York City to showcase its historic vehicles and connect with potential new customers.

  • Ferrari has a long history of catering to a small group of wealthy clients, but it is now shifting its focus to become more inclusive and accessible… we think??

  • Ferrari is also expanding its product line to include a wider range of vehicles, like the Purosangue SUV and Roma Spider convertible.

No Fomo Analysis 🤓 

I think this is a move by Ferrari to not just embrace new tech but also try to reach a younger generation of buyers and stay relevant. Is Ferrari for boomers??

An expanded product line is also a smart move though. But is this just to satisfy some tax needs for existing customers?

TLDR; Ferrari wants to be a little less exclusive and try other products and purchase options.


Do you like this move for Ferrari?

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AI Intel 🤖

Robot GIF by Europeana
  • First supernova detected, confirmed, classified and shared by AI (Northwestern)

  • U.S. Tightens China’s Access to Advanced Chips for Artificial Intelligence (NYTIMES)

  • How Walmart is using AI to change how you shop forever (Fox)

  • New York City unveils an ‘artificial intelligence action plan’ (CNN)

  • Baidu Says Its AI as Good as ChatGPT in Big Claim for China (Bloomberg)

  • It is 'nearly unavoidable' that AI will cause a financial crash within a decade, SEC head says (insider)

Special : Wen Bitcoin ETF??

Cointelegraph posted a tweet October 16 sharing news about an approved Bitcoin spot ETF. Turns out it wasn’t true – but not before BTC popped more than $1000 in minutes.

So, turns out the ETF news was BS. But the market was ripe for receiving it.

Wen Bitcoin ETF?

The SEC has to approve it. Pretty simple. The SEC has already approved several futures-based Bitcoin ETFs.

Why haven’t they approved it yet? The SEC is concerned about market manipulation and the safety of investors' assets. BlackRock has addressed these concerns in its application, but it remains to be seen whether the SEC will be satisfied...

For the BlackRock Bitcoin Spot ETF to be approved:

  1. The application meets all of the requirements of the Exchange Act: investment objectives, risks, and investment strategies.

  2. Fund is designed to protect investors from fraud and manipulation – including custody arrangements and trading practices.

  3. The fund is connected to public interest.


Will the BlackRock Bitcoin Spot ETF be approved by the end of 2023?

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No Fomo Alpha 😤

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The $garbage manifesto:

Crypto gets a bad rep. But let’s face it — the FIAT system stonks, and our global financial system is sliding into a cesspool of dysfunction. If it’s all gonna end in a stanking mess anyway, doesn't it make sense to fast forward to the end and reverse engineer our way out from the muck?

When the world can’t separate the trash from the treasure, the street smart money sniffed out the stinking secret to success... investing in $GARBAGE. Oh the irony!

Monetize the misery and meme hard to win hard.

Mining Memes ⛏️

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