🗿 OpenSea Launches Creator Studio

OpenSea wants to help you launch NFT projects. Is it too late?

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GM. Imagine blaming your sister (allergic to peanuts) for eating your peanut butter sandwich. That’s what regulators, journalists, and legislators are doing to crypto.

Blaming decentralized, permissionless technology for the problems of centralized, private markets and behaviors. Make it make sense.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

Today’s Specials:

No FOMO News 📰 : SEC Issues New Investment Warnings 🧧

No FOMO 🗿: OpenSea Launches Creator Studio 🎨

AI Intel 🤖 : Text to Spotify Playlist Soon?? 🎼

No FOMO 🗿 : The Media Is Wrong About Crypto 🤳

Max’s Gaming Corner 🎮 : Huge Week for Game Funding 💰

No FOMO News 📰

  • SEC and 5 Other US Regulators Issue Crypto Investment Warnings (Bitcoin.com)

  • Crypto exchange Coinbase secures Singapore payments licence (Reuters)

  • Trial of former cryptocurrency star Sam Bankman-Fried to start in Manhattan (The Guardian)

  • Chainalysis axes another 15% of staff, citing difficult market conditions (Cointelegraph)

  • Brace For Impact As $200 Million In Crypto Is Being Unlocked In October (BTC News)

  • Fed inspector blames crypto focus, nepotism for Silvergate Bank collapse (Cointelegraph)

  • Kenya panel urges shutdown of Worldcoin's crypto project within country (Reuters)

  • Head of Portugal central bank deems crypto unsustainable, calls for global regulation (Cointelegraph)

OpenSea Launches Creator Studio

OpenSea wants to help you launch NFT projects. Is it too late?

“OpenSea Studio – a one-stop shop for creators to launch and manage their projects, all on the world’s largest NFT marketplace”

So what exactly is OpenSea Studio? It will launch today with the following no-code features:

  • Create and manage a drop end-to-end — including setting up allowlist phases, uploading media and metadata (with helpful preview functionality), and building the drop page

  • Mint an NFT into your own wallet

  • Create on most blockchains compatible with OpenSea

  • Let buyers mint an NFT from your collection using a credit or debit card

More features are coming, but we’re not overly optimistic about millions of people rushing to the Studio, so we’ll see if they keep dumping cash into the product.

Bad news if you’re a fan of the “Lazy Minting” feature. OpenSea Studio = the end of lazy minting.

Will it be cool? Probably. Will it be effortless to use? We’re hopeful but not convinced. Are there enough projects being launched at this point for them to see a real return on this investment? We’re skeptical.

This might be coming two years too late. We’ll keep you updated.

Will you use OpenSea Studio?

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AI Intel 🤖

  • Tom Hanks says AI version of him used in dental plan ad without his consent (Guardian)

  • Visa Launches $100 million Generative AI Ventures Initiative (BusinessWire)

  • AI can be used in 'every single process' of JPMorgan’s operations, says CEO (CoinTelegraph)

  • Spotify spotted developing AI-generated playlists created with prompts (TechCrunch)

  • AI Vincent van Gogh talks of ‘mental health struggles’ in Paris exhibition (Guardian)

The Media Hates Crypto. Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Ask around – crypto is dead, right? However, there is a fundamental problem with how media covers crypto markets.

Crypto causing traditional bank collapses, centralized funding leading web3 trends, FTX (peaking at a $32 billion valuation) defining a $2.8T industry. There’s a fundamental problem with the way media covers crypto.

  • Crypto doesn’t cause bank collapses. People do.

  • VCs (and centralized money) don’t determine the value of crypto companies. We are actively trying to disrupt that model.

  • FTX, though significant, made up around 1% of a global, decentralized market. The whole point of this crypto thing is to not be dependent on a centralized, VC-backed exchange with a bunch of spooks, cultish tech nerds, and lobbyists.

Fun fact: Crypto’s market cap is still 3x from 2020.

TLDR: Despite all the media FUD, crypto is here to stay. In all of its volatile, messy, toxic glory.

Max’s Gaming Corner 🎮

Our web3 gaming funding update, brought to you by Max Kaufman and Helika

💰 Supra, a Decentralized Oracle Platform, Raised $24M from Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands, Republic Capital, Hashed + more

💰 IYK*, a Web3 Startup Focused on Building Digital Experiences, Raised $16.8M Led by Andreessen Horowitz

​​​​💰 Rated, a Provider of Ratings for Ethereum Validators and Node Operators, Raised $12.89M Led by Archetype (via Ash Egan)

​​💰 Avantis Labs, a Protocol for Leverage Trading, Raised $4M Led by Pantera Capital

💰 Verisoul, a Fraud Prevention Platform, Raised $3.25M Led by BITKRAFT Ventures

💰 Bril Finance, a DeFi Portfolio Manager, Raised $3M from FalconX, Kosmos Ventures & Algorand Foundation

​​💰 LeverFi, an On-Chain Leveraged Trading Platform, Raised $2M Led by DWF Labs

+ more

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