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“The Netflix of AI” - The simulation just announced generative AI for creating films and shows

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GM. Trump is a felon, memecoin rugs have hit mainstream news again, and some people want AI to make all of our movies and tv shows. There have been better days, but at least it’s Friday.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

AI Movies & Shows? This is Not the Way

The simulation just announced generative AI for creating films and shows – “the Netflix of AI”. 

There is a lot to unpack here, and it would be impossible to have a perfect take at this point, but we’re 100% sure of 1 thing: it’s not nothing. We’ll present both sides.

The light side

Okay first, for aspiring showrunners and students, it’s actually cool. These are those out there who are interested in using this power for good. They can use this as a tool to hone their show making skills in pursuit of real art and creativity. This will make it easier and more efficient than ever to adapt an idea and see if it really has legs, and that’s pretty cool.

Technologically it’s a crazy achievement if it works. The way they are showing it, you could just come up with a new show in minutes instead of years. 20 years ago they couldn’t even make a South Park video game that looked like the show and now you can make your own episode in 5 minutes? Not not cool. 

The dark side

Now that we’re done praising these f***** lunatics, we can get to the real stuff. This is killing real art. 

Sometimes things are hard because they need to be. Great art is one of those times. If there are no hurdles to creating a great show, every jabroni with a laptop is going to be flooding the internet with even more shitty content than already is out there. Not everyone at a production studio are good people, yes. But we need some checks preventing every youtuber with a pulse from watering down IP and characters that took decades to build up. 

If they succeed in getting a lot of IP, it won’t just create noise, but a lot of confusion too. Every clip you see online you’ll have to wonder if it was from the actual show, or an AI imitation. That’s not a world I’d like to live in. 

It might be a good tool, but they’re pitching it as if it could replace original content created by someone else. Have you ever sat down to watch netflix and thought to yourself, gee I wish I had to think for hours to come up with the exact plot I’d like flashed in front of my stupid face? Hell no. The whole reason is to not work. They entirely missed it here. 

Is it cool? Maybe. Do we think we hate it? 100%. 

Have a good weekend and watch some original shows while you still can.

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