🗿 SEC Admits Defeat 😯

In the tech world this week, IBM released a 22x faster AI chip, SEC admits defeat against Ripple, and Solana is pumping.

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GM. It’s raining in New York for the 19th weekend in a row, so we’ll be inside apeing into meme coins and jpegs. In the tech world this week, IBM released a 22x faster AI chip, SEC admits defeat against Ripple, and Solana is pumping.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

Today’s Specials:

No FOMO News 📰 : NY Sues Crypto Companies for $1B 😅

Weekend Alpha – What to Watch 👀 : Solana is pumping 📈

No FOMO 🗿 : SEC Drops Ripple Lawsuit 👏

AI Intel 🤖 : IBM Reveals New Mind-Blowing Chip 🤯

No FOMO Alpha 😤 : Wild’s Latest Drop Coming Oct 30 (w/ Presale Access)

No FOMO News 📰

  • New York Attorney General Sues Crypto Firms in $1 Billion Fraud Case (NYT)

  • Argentina’s Central Bank Kicks off Efforts Toward Digital Peso Bill (Crypto News)

  • Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals Could Add $1 Trillion to Crypto Market Cap, CryptoQuant Says (CoinDesk)

  • Reddit mods dumped tokens hours before blockchain program termination (Cointelegraph)

  • Binance discontinues Visa Debit Card in email sent to clients (Crypto News)

  • 1inch refutes Elliptic claims on money laundering (Crypto News)

Weekend Alpha – What to Watch 👀

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SEC drops Ripple lawsuit, Solana sees sudden 17% pump, Binance Q3 report calls crypto market ‘challenging’.

SEC Drops Ripple Lawsuit 👏 

SEC and Ripple agree to “dismissal with prejudice”...

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Ripple 🤝 SEC, key highlights:

  • The SEC and Ripple have agreed to a “dismissal with prejudice,” potentially averting an upcoming trial.

  • The case will be dismissed permanently and cannot be refiled.

  • The exact nature and outcome of this dismissal remain to be seen.

  • Both parties will discuss the appropriate remedies for Ripple’s alleged Section 5 violations regarding its Institutional Sales of XRP.

  • They have until Nov. 9, 2023, to agree upon a briefing schedule, or they will seek a plan from the court.

Ripple’s response:

Ripple’s chief legal officer, Stuart Aldeorty, called the SEC’s decision a “surrender” and a “stunning capitulation.”

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, said the SEC’s actions were a “targeted attempt to tarnish their reputation” and the hard work put into the company for over a decade.

Crypto community reaction:

Crypto Twitter (are we calling it Crypto X yet??) is puzzled — why would the SEC drop charges after nearly three years?

One theory: The SEC is gearing up to appeal the court’s ruling on XRP’s status as a security 🤔 

This is just one chapter in the SEC’s long recurring novel with the crypto world.

The SEC still has similar pending cases against notable figures like Alex Mashinsky and Sam Bankman-Fried, actively fighting legal battles against major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

AI Intel 🤖

Robot GIF by Europeana
  • IBM’s new AI chip offers 22X speedup with ‘mind-blowing’ energy efficiency (Cointelegraph)

  • AI reads text from famously inscrutable ancient scroll for the first time (CNN)

  • AI tidies up Wikipedia’s references — and boosts reliability (Nature)

  • ‘Here is the news. You can’t stop us’: AI anchor Zae-In grants us an interview (The Guardian)

  • WHO outlines considerations for regulation of artificial intelligence for health (WHO)

  • Nvidia and iPhone maker Foxconn to build 'AI factories' (BBC)

  • As Google pushes deeper into AI, publishers see fresh challenges (Reuters)

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