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Everyone complains that there are too many newsletters. So we’re doing something different.

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GM. Everyone complains that there are too many newsletters. So we’re doing something different. No news today, no alpha, no line charts. No fundraising announcements.

Just a micro-love-letter about our mission to spread human ingenuity around emerging tech.

Most newsletters do a great job curating current events and providing quick rundowns of what’s happening in the emerging tech world anyway. So we won’t bother unless there’s something we find super interesting and original and worth sharing.

We’re not here to compete with traditional media brands or journalists. Nor are we trying to outdo tech researchers in specialized subject matter. Our focus is different.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

So, what is No Fomo? We’re not just another tech newsletter. We're a platform that champions human-first creativity in the realm of technology.

We are not developers.

We are writers, producers, party-throwers, filmmakers, and artists who recognize how technology dramatically changes the human experience and our relationship with the arts, media, and entertainment.

We feel most at home when we are away from our phones. We thrive on human gatherings and relish a good book from late 19th-century American folklore.

At the same time, we are the first to try the latest release of GPT 4o. We are transforming our visual production company to adopt the latest technology in production and discover new ways to shoot multi-camera live-action shots and reduce inefficiencies.

We lead innovation efforts for the world’s most cutting-edge brands and startups. And help global names reshape their brand identity on the Internet. It’s not formulaic. It’s not rinse-and-repeat. It’s vibey and messy and authentic and it looks a little different every time.

We are here to hold Wall St. and Madison Ave. and Silicon Valley and the larger tech world and all the lofy institutions accountable for their words and actions – to ensure we build a world that propels innovation and pushes humanity forward in a positive direction.

Soo what you can expect from us:

  1. Invites to private, can’t-miss, offline tech events quite literally around the world – from NYC and Paris to Tokyo and LA (like next week in Austin)

  2. Recommendations and reviews of emerging tech tools. We’ll let you know if they are helpful and aligned well with our values.

  3. Regular updates on our ecosystem partners who are working every day to build and promote technology that prioritizes human empathy and democratized empowerment

  4. Sharp commentary on technocrats, politicians, public figures, and institutions seemingly keen on destroying humanity (like wtf is this Google)

We can refer to some great resources for news updates in emerging tech. But we won’t waste precious inbox space on the same old same old.

Until next week,


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