🗿 Why Tesla Won't See 2030

Hertz is selling their Teslas, and maybe you should too

GM. 2024 is the year to question everything. Gas cars are in. Celebrities are out. DEI is under fire. No one’s safe. Who’s next?

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

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Weekend Alpha - What to Watch 👀: Bitcoin entered a $10trillion industry 💰

No FOMO News 📰 : Hertz Is Selling EVs for Gas Cars 🚘

No FOMO 🗿: An Ode To Why Teslas Suck 🤭

AI Intel 🤖 :  AI Discovers That Not Every Fingerprint Is Unique 😱

AI App of the Week 💻 : This is your Personal Search Engine 📡

You Raised? 💰: Funding Report Presented by Web3 Leads 🤑

Weekend Alpha – What to Watch 👀

Bitcoin just entered a $10 trillion industry. That is all.

US bitcoin ETFs see $4.6 billion in volume in first day of trading, Circle confidentially files for IPO following banner year for crypto stocks, Crypto bulls see bitcoin flying above $100,000 after ETF approval

No FOMO News 📰

  • Hertz to Sell 20,000 EVs in Shift Back to Gas-Powered Cars (Bloomberg)

  • Over 30% of blockchain games are now abandoned, data shows (crypto.news)

  • Big Tech not done with layoffs as Google, Amazon announce cuts in 2024 (WP)

  • Finra Calls AI ‘Emerging Risk’ in Annual Regulatory Report (WSJ)

  • FTX creditors seek ‘in-kind’ crypto repayments instead of 2022 low prices (CT)

An Ode To Why Teslas Suck

Hertz finally woke up to reality and is getting rid of their electric cars. I wanted to do a quick synopsis of why Teslas are the worst and everyone should agree.

(this if a very scientific take and not at all a coffee rant)

Not a Tesla. lol

They can’t go far without charging. They’re basically just giant iPhones that are subject to malfunction at any moment. Yeah, people will take naps and trust them but they won’t even trust their own neighbor to watch their kid. They use precious metals like cobalt, so they aren’t even sustainable, and if you walk towards one as a pedestrian, they will literally back up on their own because they are elementary-level robots that you are trusting your life with. Not to mention electricity is literally dependent on fossil fuels yet the people who drive them act like they’re doing some service to the world for driving one. No one is impressed that you have to plug your car into a wall outlet. 

We will not be hearing any reasonable counter arguments at this time. Thank you.

AI Intel 🤖

  • AI Discovers That Not Every Fingerprint Is Unique (Columbia)

  • George Carlin’s daughter lambasts AI-generated video of late comedian (Guardian)

  • Who Is Oliver Mulherin, OpenAI Chief Sam Altman's Partner (NDTV)

  • At CES 2024, tech companies are transforming the kitchen with AI and robots that do the cooking (AP)

  • Medical AI falters when assessing patients it hasn’t seen (Nature)

AI App of the Week 💻

AI gets a lot of hype. But it might not be as smart as we think.

This section is dedicated to No Fomo’s favorite AI tools of the week. We’ll try to fish for things that make your life easier. Or we’ll give honest, informative reviews of apps that are getting a lot of attention.

This Week’s App De Jour: MyMind

MyMind’s Key Features:

  • Frictionless notetaking

  • Smart Bookmarking

  • Instant collections - create spaces that auto-sort what you save and bookmark

  • Read without distractions - save entire articles free of ads or popups

Please note, this is NOT a paid promotion. Just want to cut through the AI clutter for our readers and make your lives a little easier.

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