🗿 The Times Sues OpenAI

New York Times sues OpenAI, Microsoft for using articles to train AI

GM. Apple resumes Watch sales after US ban, NYT is suing AI, Solana comes back down to Earth. For the last edition of the year, we’re throwing in some realistic tech predictions for ‘24. Let us know what you think.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

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Today’s Specials:

Weekend Alpha: What to Watch 👀 : Solana Flips ETH in Google Searches 😯

NFT Power Rankings 🔥 : Sofest Founder Edition ☁️

No FOMO News 📰 : India to Block Binance + Others in Widening Crackdown 🚫

No FOMO 🗿 : Hottest Tech Predictions for ‘24 📡

AI Intel 🤖 :  NYT Sues OpenAI 🧑‍⚖️

Mining Memes 🪓 : The European Mind Cannot Comprehend This 🍞

Weekend Alpha – What to Watch 👀

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  1. Bitcoin ETF Approval Tipped to Be 'Sell The News' Event: CryptoQuant

  2. Hong Kong releases crypto ETF requirements ahead of US approval

  3. MicroStrategy adds $620m Bitcoin to massive BTC stash

  4. Solana flips Ethereum in Google search interest

🔥 NFT Power Rankings🔥

Softest Founder Edition ☁️

Our Tech Predictions for 2024

On Tuesday, we gave you our wildest predictions for crypto in 2024. Here are our more-grounded tech predictions for the new year:

  1. Rise of "Slow Tech". As our digital lives become immersed in our physical reality, humans will crave organic interaction more and more. We expect more phoneless IRL events, digital detoxes, analog tech revivals, and mindful living in 2024.

  2. Art & Creativity … Powered by AI. Like any disruptive new tech, AI has a negative perception among artists. With that said, as it becomes more widely accepted, AI has the potential to accelerate (rather than disrupt) human artists to create groundbreaking new forms of art, music, and literature. Expect some super-creative AI-enhanced creativity in 2024.

  3. Universal Basic Income, Spurred by Tech, Sparks 2024 Election. Andrew Yang emphasized the need for UBI in 2020 – claiming AI would take all our jobs and we weren’t prepared as a nation. He was prob right. I think some town or county or private institution will become a testbed for universal basic income in 2024, with all the controversy that comes with it.

  4. Human-Machine Merging Begins. Is it just me or does it feel like some humans can’t wait to become cyborgs? 2024 will be the year some monkey brain will volunteer as tribute to a human-computer experiment. A subgenre of ethical and responsible machine augmentation will emerge.

  5. Virtual Reality Makes A Big Leap. VR tech (like Unreal Engine) will keep improving in ‘24 – opening the door to virtual reality experiences indistinguishable from real life.

If you’re reading this, you are probably a technologist. That means you will have a say in how we craft the technological future. This New Year, consider the legacy you want to leave behind. What world do you want to leave behind? How can technology enhance that vision, rather than prevent it?


What will be the biggest tech trend in 2024?

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No FOMO News 📰

  • Apple Resumes Sale of Watches After Appeals Court Lifts US Ban (Bloomberg)

  • India to Block Crypto Exchange Websites in Widening Crackdown (Bloomberg)

  • Judge sides with US SEC, says Terraform Labs crypto founder Do Kwon violated law (Reuters)

  • Crypto Wallet Linked to Donald Trump Sent $2.4M in Ether to Coinbase (Cointelegraph)

  • Solana's SOL Dips Below $100, Slips Back Behind BNB in Crypto Ranking (CoinDesk)

  • Inside the Chaotic Rise and Fall of Bird Scooters (Wired)

AI Intel 🤖

  • New York Times sues OpenAI, Microsoft for using articles to train AI (WashPost)

  • How AI-created fakes are taking business from online influencers (FT)

  • Focused adoption will follow this year’s fun experimentation (FT)

  • AI in Hollywood: Sheryl Crow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ridley Scott express fears and hopes for the technology (Fox)

  • Microsoft’s next Surface laptops will reportedly be its first true ‘AI PCs’ (TheVerge)

Mining Memes ⛏️

The European mind cannot comprehend this

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