🗿 Xbox Wants a Digital Wallet 💰

“Leaked” docs Microsoft's plans for crypto wallet integration with Xbox.

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GM. Microsoft wants an Xbox crypto wallet. Amazon wants to take over AI. Binance is collapsing. Apparently, NFTs are worthless (again lol). Never a dull day in emerging tech.

Without Further Ado. ☕ *knuckle cracks* ☕ Let’s get into it.

Today’s Specials:

No FOMO News 📰 : Is Binance Collapsing? 😰

No FOMO 🗿 : XBOX Crypto Wallet?? 🕹️

AI Intel 🤖 : Amazon Looks to Take On ChatGPT 🚨

Max’s Gaming Corner 🎮 : Blockchain Capital Has $580M for Gaming 👀 

Things We Actually Don’t Hate? 🤔 : New Blockchain Use Case? 🥗

No FOMO News 📰

  • Binance, The World’s Biggest Crypto Firm Is Melting Down (WSJ)

  • Chase U.K. to Block Crypto Payments Citing Fraud, Scams (CoinDesk)

  • Venezuela extends reorganization shutdown of crypto agency to March 2024 (Cointelegraph)

  • 95% of NFTs May Now Be Worthless, Report Suggests (CoinDesk)

  • MicroStrategy buys $147.3 million in bitcoin, bringing total held to $4.68 billion (CNBC)

  • Hong Kong crypto firm hit by $200 million hack (Reuters)

LEAKED: Microsoft is Launching An Xbox Crypto Wallet 👀

Heard that. “Leaked” docs Microsoft's plans for crypto wallet integration with Xbox.

Leaked on purpose or not, it appears that Microsoft plans to integrate a crypto wallet into the next version of the Xbox console.

The Future of Xbox, revealed:

  • The leak also includes plans for a new disc-less Xbox Series X, a gyro controller, and a next-gen hybrid Xbox.

  • Microsoft has not officially announced its plans for crypto wallet integration, but the leak suggests that the company is serious about exploring the possibility.

Other Microsoft crypto news

  • Microsoft is rumored to be working on integrating a non-custodial Ethereum wallet into its Edge browser.

  • In February, Microsoft partnered with Ankr to provide a node hosting service on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to support enterprises and organizations that need access to blockchain data.

  • In August, Microsoft partnered with Aptos Labs to create an AI chatbot called Aptos Assistant to help simplify onboarding new users into Web3.

TLDR; Microsoft is doubling down in crypto/blockchain. A crypto wallet integration with Xbox could supercharge a $76 billion in-game microtransaction market, open up new gaming experiences, and facilitate digital asset ownership.

AI Intel 🤖

  • Amazon to invest up to $4bn in OpenAI rival Anthropic (Guardian)

  • Spotify will not ban AI-made music, says boss (BBC)

  • Google Launches Free & Paid Generative AI Training Courses (SEJ)

  • OpenAI gives ChatGPT a voice for verbal conversations (TechCrunch)

  • Correcto grabs $7M to build out its ‘Grammarly for Spanish’ (TechCrunch)

Max’s Gaming Corner 🎮

Our web3 gaming update, brought to you by Max Kaufman and Helika

🔥 Blockchain Capital Generates $580M in Two Funding Rounds to Invest in Web3 Gaming, DeFi and Infrastructure Companies

🔥 Proof of Play Announces $33M Seed Round, Led by a16z crypto & Greenoaks

🔥 GEEIQ Raises $8.2M in Series A Funding to Expand Metaverse Data Intelligence

🔥 Afterparty Announces $5M Raise, Led by Blockchain Ventures

🔥 PIXELYNX Chooses Helika as Official Analytics Partner to Optimize their Music-Driven Experiences

🔥 Parallel Studios Releases a New Feature called Echo Replication that Allows Players to Turn their First or Special Edition Cards into Echo cards

🔥 Blowfish Studios' PHANTOM GALAXIES™ brings AAA Multiplayer Mecha Action-RPG to Steam and Epic Games Store

🔥 Animoca Brands Collaborates with Honda for Web3 Fan Engagement at Japanese Grand Prix

🔥 Revolving Games, Inc.' Skyborne Legacy Announces Move to Offchain Labs' Arbitrum Nova Blockchain

🔥 Web3 AdTech Nefta Joins Forces with XPLA

🔥 PUBG creator KRAFTON Inc. Unveils New NFT Game with AI tools

🔥 Mythical Games Announces it will Bring Blankos Block Party to Web3 Mobile Players

🔥 SHRAPNEL is Now Live Exclusively on Epic Games Store

🔥 Zynga's Sugartown Web3 Game Ecosystem Shares More Details on their NFTs, Highlighting Tons of Utility for Holders

🔥 AMGI Studios' My Pet Hooligan Shares an Official Cinematic Trailer and Announces Early Public Access is Live on Epic Games Store

🔥 Yuga Labs Announces Strategic Partnerships with Hadean, Faraway, AccelByte, and Bad Rhino Studios for Development of the Otherside

What a week!

Things We Actually Don’t Hate? 🤔

In a surprising turn of events, we found a headline that doesn’t make us upset. Could this be the start of a great real-world use case for blockchain?

One thing to note – no one cares if it is blockchain technology or magic tricks that show them where their fruit came from. Just use the damn tech and stop talking about it.

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